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Friday April 26th seemed a normal typical morning for a hen party of 20 women going to Liverpool for the weekend.  But unfortunately this was no normal day, as a tremendous tragedy unfolded which has since been described by the Police, Fire Brigade, Air Ambulance and local Hospitals as the worst motor vehicle crash and subsequent injuries that they have seen for many years.

On that tragic day, the small mining village of South Elmsall near Pontefract, was rocked with the biggest disaster that has ever hit the village, with virtually everyone connected to the beautiful 20 women setting off on a minibus to Liverpool for Stefanie Firth’s Hen party.

Within 30 minutes of travelling on the M62, their minibus collided with a truck - the horrific accident  claimed the life of Bethany Jones and injured every one of the other 19 women.

3 of the women had to be airlifted to different hospitals and all but 1 women were admitted that night with injuries, some of them life threatening. All of the womens' lives are affected with the memories of what unfolded and at least a dozen of them have at least 12 months recovery time ahead of them.

The family of Bethany’s will never be the same - Bethany’s sister and mother were also seriously injured in the accident.

It has to be said that Bethany was a bubbly, gorgeous young girl who had a bright future ahead of her.  She would literally brighten up any room or company she was in.  Bethany will never be forgotten and has a special place in everyone’s hearts.  This is clearly illustrated with the overwhelming amount of tributes, help and support that her family have received - not just from within South Elmsall but within Yorkshire and across the whole of the country.

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Bethany Jones R.I.P. 1994 - 2013